ADA Accessibility – Rio Taxi

The Rio Taxi is a shuttle-type transportation vessel and therefore does not include a tour except for question and answer sessions along the way.

Rio San Antonio Cruises is committed to serving people of all abilities and creating a memorable experience of the San Antonio River Walk. We
strive to provide a reasonable accommodation for accessible seating, companion seating, and access ramps for any guest who requires it.

In our daily taxi operation, we can accommodate two wheelchairs on each barge. Boarding ramps are available on board each Rio Taxi.

Many of our riders with mobility impairments choose to transfer into seats and sit with companions/family members. Barge drivers reserve the seats closest to the boarding area and make reasonable accommodation on a case-by-case basis. If a passenger prefers to remain in a wheelchair, a chair can be placed next to them for a companion.

The City of San Antonio keeps maps of accessible routes throughout the River Walk area with walkway routes and construction projects.

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