Rio Taxi

What to Expect:

The Rio Taxi is a leisurely way to enjoy the River Walk. The barge makes multiple stops with passengers getting on and off the barges, similar to a bus route. All Rio Taxi barges must cover the entire five mile length of the River Walk, to include both the Museum Reach and the Downtown Reach (Note: barges only travel in a southerly direction within the “Horseshoe Bend“). There are no scheduled pick-ups or drop-offs. Taxis run an average of at least 30 minutes apart, depending on the number of stops made by each taxi and the traffic on the river.

How to Board:

To catch a Rio Taxi, flag one down…and make sure to get the drivers attention! The barges can easily be identified by checkered flags on the back and signs on the front of each barge that reads “Rio Taxi”. Unmarked barges will not pull over to pick up passengers. Tickets can be purchased on board using either cash or credit (taxi tickets are also available at all tour locations).

Please Note:

  • Rio Taxi barges travel at a leisurely pace…plan far ahead if you are on a schedule.
  • Wait times are subject to change depending on business.
  • Round trips cover over 10 miles and can take as long as two hours, depending on number of stops made and the traffic flow of the river.
  • There is no One-Way taxi service within the Museum Reach (between Brooklyn Ave and Grayson St.)

This service runs continuously from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Rio Taxi Ticket Prices
Rates are as follows:
Tickets are available on the Rio Taxi boat.

Downtown Reach (Up to Lexington Street)
Rio Taxi Yellow One Way: $10.00
Rio Taxi Yellow One-Day Pass*: $12.00
Rio Taxi Yellow Three-Day Pass*: $25.00

Museum Reach (North of Lexington)
Rio Taxi Red One- Day Pass*: $12.00
Rio Taxi Red Three-Day Pass*:$25.00

Downtown and Museum Reach
Combination Red/Yellow One-Day Pass*: $16.00

*Unlimited Rides

All prices are tax inclusive.


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