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Looking for a new way to share your marketing message directly to consumers? Ride the wave of success by moving your company’s marketing to one of the top tourist destinations in Texas: the San Antonio River. A Rio San Antonio River Cruises sponsorship is the only medium of its kind for promoting your company or brand in a way that will leave thousands in its wake.

So what do you need to make a splash? Your company can sponsor each barge ride for a certain day, week or time period. The barges can feature your company’s name on banners, and our staff will tell your guests that “Your ride today is courtesy of YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE.” You may also customize a marketing piece that can be distributed to passengers with your special message. Your sponsorship can be supported through the Rio San Antonio Cruises website, as well as through its Facebook and Twitter postings. Become a sponsor and let Rio San Antonio Cruises feature your marketing campaign through our social media outlets.Rio San Antonio Cruises

Unlike traditional billboards that people speed by, a Rio San Antonio Cruises River Barge floats your message in front of the market, reaching your customers in a relaxed, fun setting. Not only does a portion of our 1.5 million annual passengers riding the barges experience your message, but so many of the millions of strolling visitors who flock to the River Walk will see it as well.

“Only in San Antonio do you have an opportunity like this,” explains Rio San Antonio Cruises President and CEO JoAnn Boone. “For 40 minutes and more than 2.5 miles, your name is in front of a captive audience and pedestrian traffic. No other out of home advertising opportunity can deliver that sort of exposure in such a pressure-free environment.”

“With increasing competition for consumer attention, the best way to reach your market is in a relaxed, entertaining environment. A cruise on the San Antonio River is the ultimate relaxed messaging vehicle,” explains Boone.

Riding the San Antonio River is more popular than ever: through July, Rio San Antonio Cruise ridership has increased 10 percent over last year’s numbers and the 2011 Fourth of July holiday weekend set a new four-day ridership record of more than 43,000 happy passengers. With this sort of popularity, there’s no doubt that a Rio San Antonio Cruise sponsorship is the way to reach new customers.

Navigating the River
What can a company do with a Rio San Antonio Cruises sponsorship? Build unique brand recognition, launch a new product, unveil a new advertising campaign, target an annual convention or meeting in San Antonio, recognize a company anniversary, express customer appreciation: the possibilities are endless. Rio San Antonio Cruises can work with you to customize a campaign to suit your needs.

Toyota Stays on the Rio; Nearly Triples Ridership of Famed River Barges

To celebrate the opening of its Tundra Truck manufacturing facility, Toyota chose a sponsorship package that allowed them to offer free rides to the public for two days.

“On behalf of the Toyota National Dealer Meeting team, I am writing to compliment you and Rio San Antonio Cruises on the successful execution of the Toyota sponsorship program. We set the highest of expectations for our program, and your team met those goals with seamless delivery. From the condition of the fleet to the genuine, positive nature of the crew, the entire operation was first class. We would recommend Rio San Antonio Cruises to other groups in the future. Thanks for helping deliver a truly successful program.” Victor Hailey, Account Manager, Maritz Inc.

The Gain team came to the Alamo City to showcase its clean, fresh scent; the detergent company used a barge for demonstration purposes, covering the seats with slip covers washed in Gain.

CGGVeritas, the leading international geophysical company, will be sponsoring barge rides for convention goers/public in September for three (3) days.

CGGVeritas delivers a wide range of technologies, services and equipment to a broad base of clients, predominately in the oil and gas industry.

Taking advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity is easy:  Rio San Antonio Cruises will work with you to customize your sponsorship in just the right way to make a splash with your target audience.  Convention and meeting groups are already working with Rio San Antonio Cruises to finalize their fall plans—make sure you don’t miss the boat!

“The length of time you use this unique medium is up to you and the possibilities are endless,” says Boone. “Reaching your target market has never been easier or more unique!”

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact JoAnn Boone, President, Rio San Antonio Cruises today at 210-244-5731.

With its fabulous light display, San Antonio shines during the holidays. Put your company in the spotlight by sponsoring complimentary barge rides during the holiday season. What better way to say “Happy Holidays” than sharing the festive glow of the San Antonio River?

Open daily from 9 a.m., until the last customer leaves, Rio San Antonio Cruises, is committed to providing visitors to the San Antonio Riverwalk a cruise ride they will love on beautiful, safe, fully accessible, environmentally sound cruise vessels. Our boats are operated by well-trained and pleasant “goodwill” ambassadors, supported by skilled cruise personnel and state-of-the-art technology. For more information, visit www.riosanantonio.com.


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