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This is a first in a series of posts that will better acquaint you with the types of services we offer.  In this post, we’re reviewing the options we have on our boat configuration.  In the photo you will notice there are three different types of setups each with different advantages.  Keep in mind that although you may book these boats on your own, you will have to contact a catering establishment and coordinate your event with them.  Many of our customers prefer to have the Restaurant/Hotel/Caterer contact us and book the boat for them.

  • The Narrated Tour Configuration

This is the configuration millions of people ride each year.  It seats 40 maximum (38 recommended) with 10 seats along each side and 2 rows on the inside.  Our narrated tours are all configured this way and if you are interested in a private tour, it is available to you as well.  We even allow catering on these boats, when applicable, for certain parties like conventions.  This does not make it easy for a waiter to maneuver so you can expect to be passing people a drink or 10.

  • The Cocktail Configuration

Now we’re talking.  This configuration replaces one of the rows of seats (Table 1) in the diagram with a flat surface for plates, food, decor, and drinks.  Due to the inclusion of the table you now have 30 seats maximum (28 recommended). Not everyone will have table space in front of them so the table should be treated as a shared space and the food should be planned accordingly.  Hors d’oeuvres work well here and it lends itself to cocktails with more room to display good eats and tasty drinks.

  • The Dinner Configuration

Let’s eat! This configuration replaces both center rows with tables and gives everyone table space to enjoy a multi-course meal.  You can seat 20 maximum (18 recommended) and waiters are able to deliver delights with ease.  Most of our River Walk restaurants book these.  Some also offer per seat purchases on certain evenings if you would like to take advantage of this lovely experience without getting 16 of your closest friends together.  They are highlighted in bold on our River Walk Restaurant/Catering List.


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