Boat Driver wins 2012 Rio Rodeo

Rio San Antonio Cruises

John Gardiner - winner of Rio RodeoFor the last five years, Rio San Antonio Cruises boat driver John Gardiner has entered the Rio Rodeo and made significant strides in the competition. This year, it just happened to come all together for him and to unseat five-time champion Alex Alonso.
“It was really exciting and shocking winning the Rio Rodeo.  I actually could not believe I won. It blew my mind,” said Gardiner. “This year’s Rodeo was very close.  We had four to five people with two medals each.  In addition, I was a late entry into the contest and so I was not even sure the Rodeo was still open when I arrived.”
Loving the Job
Gardiner has been an employee of Rio San Antonio Cruises for the past five years and admits to loving every minute of it.
“I really enjoy telling the stories on the boats because it is so much fun interacting and engaging the audience,” said Gardiner. “It’s great being able to bring a little personality to each of the tours we give our passengers. I try to make each tour one of the best I have ever given.”
Fun Times
Turns out Gardiner also loves the thrill of bicycle racing and competes actively across Texas. He says the competition is fierce but fun. Additionally, he is an avid reader with a particular interest in history books and biographies.


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