Be Healthy. B-Cycle.

BCycle - Just ride. I grew up on a ranch in South Texas.  We had to drive six miles into town; it was four miles on dirt roads until we hit pavement.  Consequently, riding a bike on the streets of the seventh largest city in the nation doesn’t come naturally to me.  But I’ve learned that riding with good guides and a bunch of fun-loving friends can calm the butterflies and provide a point of view you never get behind the wheel of a car.

Recently, my colleagues at
San Antonio Sports, our city’s nonprofit sports commission, hooked up with JD Simpson of San Antonio B-Cycle  and Matt Driffill of the San Antonio River Authority to take a two-wheeled tour of the Mission Reach, the eight-mile ecosystem restoration and recreation project along our river, south of downtown.

For many in our group, this was an introduction to B-Cycle, which is a bike-sharing program.  Though it’s only a year and a half year old, San Antonio has one of the most utilized programs in the nation with a total of 30 docking stations and about 230 bikes in and around downtown.  Five stations were recently added along the Mission Reach.  


BCycle - Just do it!Bike sharing makes it economical and convenient to use bicycles for trips that are too far to walk but too short to drive.  The idea is you pay a usage fee at any docking station (we started our ride at the Blue Star Arts Center), ride your bike a short distance, dock it, run your errand then grab another bike and you’re off to the next docking station.  Twenty-four hour ($10), seven-day ($24) or annual passes ($60) are available.  And as long as you dock the bike within 30 minutes, you don’t encounter any other charges.  It’s a bike “share,” not a bike rental, so the short times make sense.  The bikes are sturdy, 3-speed Treks, not exactly lightweight racing bikes, but that’s not their purpose.  They even have a very handy basket in front to carry your stuff. 


We had a blast on our B-Cycle tour and saw parts of our community we never would have seen from a car.  Give it a try; you might just become an annual card-carrying San Antonio B-Cycle member.  I did!

Courtesy of:
Mary Ullmann Japhet
San Antonio Sports
Associate Executive Director/External Affairs
Mayor’s Fitness Council, 2012 Vice Chair


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