“Bat Loco” hits the Riverwalk

The Paseo del Rio Association, the San Antonio River Authority, Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Bat Conservation International are hosting “Bat Loco”. The “Bat Loco” series consist of an educational guided talk at the river level near the intersection of Camden and Newell Streets.
Bat Loco - RiverwalkThe City of San Antonio’s Downtown Operations and Paseo Del Rio Association have created “Bat Walks” to coincide with the “Bat Loco” series, and tomorrow is the first “Bat Walk”!
These interactive “Bat Walks” will start at the Travis Street River Walk entrance and run approximately 30-35 minutes along the banks of the San Antonio River. There will be three interactive stops at the Lexington Bridge, the Lock & Dam and Jones St. Bridge. Representatives will have displays at those sites with information about our winged creatures. The Tour will culminate under the I-35 bridge.
The bat tours are scheduled for July 23, August 6 and 13 with tours starting at 6:30 and 7 p.m. On August 13, the last day of these family-friendly tours, the “Bat Loco” Festival will take place offering free educational talks, booths, live music and children activities about bat colonies.
The event is free and open to the public in an attempt to raise awareness and importance of bats in our ecosystem.

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